Need help?

You know you need help getting your own eating habits in check and you are ready to meet the Mamma, Nutritionist,  and Kitchen Witch who can help!

Hi! I’m Michelle! It looks like I’m pulling my hair out!!

I’m a Mum too, and  I totally understand how frustrating it can be trying to feed your family- 3 completely different meals every night!

I also know a little bit about nutrition, well maybe more than a little bit. I can help you feed your tribe of little ones, or bigger ones so they are fueled for whatever learning, adventure or sport they take part in..



You are a parent who struggles to prepare healthy meals

I can help you create new, exciting meals that don’t cost the earth, are delicious and don’t need you to spin your wheels in the kitchen for hours.

You are a woman who craves to feel like she belongs in her body - like it was before kids

I can help you begin to love your body again, as you learn how to eat in a way that suits your new role as Mother, yet helps you become YOU again.  Whether that you is the same size or shape that you were pre-baby is your choice.  I am here to help

Or maybe this is you?

You are an athlete who needs to make weight for competition or desires to improve stamina and speed but can train no more

Tri-athletes and Iron men!! I can help you feel more energised during training and feel like you have more stamina when you compete.

Boxers! I can help you make weight for fights, AND  help improve your focus all while eating more!!!

get started with these

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A beautiful workbook to guide you and your family into mealtime bliss.  Includes printable shopping lists, weekly planner and meal ideas


A easy to use reference guide to serving sizes for all members of your family. Infants, children, teens and adults

What happy Customers say

“I’ve worked with Michelle in the past and it was a great experience she had me eating more food then I’d expected and eating foods that I thought I needed to stay away whilst losing weight and feeling great, I recommend her services to anyone.”

Sam Ah See| Dad and semi-professional boxer

I recently started working with Michelle, as she has come highly recommended, Before I was always bloated very tired and not really getting any results, now with a structured meal plan tailored for me I understand more about food, im not only losing weight I’m not bloated and have heaps of energy!!!h.”

John Cullen | Business man and Dad

“Professional and extremely helpful, Michelle goes the extra mile and genuinely cares. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Chris Devine | Busy Dad of 3 and CEO of Bender Monkey

“Very professional and compassionate. A holistic approach to health and life.”

Shelley Meyers | Mum and University Student

“Michelle is a very pleasant and caring lady who clearly has a passion for Nutrition and a desire to help free people from the effects of poor eating.

She has a gift for working with people as I felt instantly comfortable and cared for. I did not feel like I was at an appointment at all.

My decision to go was the only hard part after all. ”

Maree McLean | Mum and student