It started way back when…

As a small child, I came from a farming background.  I was always around food and I knew exactly where it came from.  Pappa had his animals, but it was his phenomenal veggie garden that intrigued me the most.  In the house, Granny always had a pot of soup on the stove, just in case anyone would happen to call past and there was always an extra “spud in the pot” should there be an extra person for dinner, as was often the case.

It was clear from an early age I was destined to work in a caring profession. First rescuing birds and animals, then trying to medicate my family with potions I had created from garden plants.  Everyone was sure I would be a medical doctor.  It wasn’t until my little cousin (then 7)  who has autism announced that he wanted to be “fat like his mother”, I realised what my path was to actually be.  It tore my heart out.

I enrolled that year in a degree in nutrition and have never looked back. During my degree I became fixated with obesity and diabetes, so much so I went on to complete both my Honors studies and Doctorate in the area of Diabetes (You can read my CV here if that is your thing!).

The theory is one thing.  It isn’t until you become responsible for other humans that you really see the impact YOU have.

Becoming Mum has really pushed me and my nutrition background to the max.  Sometimes, I get frustrated that I have spent so long in the kitchen preparing (what I consider) to be a nice healthy family meal, only to have a toddler tantrum- food- flinging protest happen.  Normally this occurs because 1, the dinner wasn’t sausages 2, there was no cheese or 3 different food items were mixed or touching.

And, then you throw in a medical diet of low fat, no eggs, no milk, and low salt, into the mix. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, scared and a whole host of other things!! Hell, I am the nutrition professional! How on earth do parents of children who have allergies and intolerances with no nutrition training cope?

lifelong Nutrition

I have had to walk the walk.  Adjusting my whole families eating and routines to manage the dietary needs of others.  Not just books and theory stuff, real-life management of it, day to day.  I totally understand now, in a way no university lecture could ever explain.

Living this first hand has shaped my clinic.  I will work with you and your family needs to ensure you eat the healthiest way possible, even where exclusion is medically required.

I can help you confidently navigate your own nutrition journey.

Some random things about me…

I’m eldest of five sisters.  Hats off to my mum who managed to feed us all without issue (most) nights. I can never really complain about only having two children!

I love the sea, shells, and anything ocean.  I trained as a canoe and kayak instructor so I could experience the freedom of the ocean and share it with others too.

My favourite food oh, where do I start – lasagne, chips garlic bread and of course some salad, ahem.  The list of what I love is endless. There is little I will refuse if it has been prepared and cooked with love.  And.. don’t get me started about my tea addition…

When I was studying for my degree, I also took up fire poi as a hobby – random right?  It wasn’t long until juggling and trapeze followed (and hula hooping too if I am completely honest).  The really cool thing – I got to travel all over the UK and Ireland performing !!!  I guess I am still a bit of a clown.  Life is all about having fun and living in joy right?

 Kind words from families who have worked with me

Michelle is a very pleasant and caring lady who clearly has a passion for Nutrition and a desire to help free people from the effects of poor eating. She has a gift for working with people as I felt instantly comfortable and cared for. Michelle began by getting an understanding of me and my typical eating. She could see that I really struggle with poor choices and habits, and then considerately highlighted the effects of my current lifestyle.


Michelle explained how and why to start off with her suggestions, what my plan and aim would be until our next appointment, and what we would discuss and look at next time. I did not feel like I was at an appointment at all. My decision to go was the only hard part after all. Do your body and mind a favour and go and see Nutritionist Michelle Fitzmaurice.

Maree McLean, Figtree, NSW

Need help?

You know you need help getting your own eating habits in check and you are ready to meet the Mamma, Nutritionist,  and Kitchen Witch who can help!