Three Course Meal

Three courses: Entreé, Main, and Dessert – Um well not quite.

This package is for an initial appointment, a 1-week personalised meal plan and a follow- up review.  This is a great option if you are an athlete who is preparing for competition or if you already know that a meal plan will work for you.

Meal plans are not suitable for everyone.  If you know you won’t stick to it – keep your cash in your pocket, and choose the “Nutrition Advice Package from the options”. Or if you are unsure have a chat with me during your consultation – I am committed to your health goals if you are, and that means finding the best, most simple solution for you. 

A meal plan is not always what you need!

If you need weekly (or even daily check-in- and a no meal plan option -read on as the feast what will fill your belly, motivation, and knowledge around nutrition.

Want to Chat?

(Balancing apples on your head optional)