PhD Gradutation

Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice PhD is a Registered Nutritionist (Nutrition Society of Australia).  Michelle’s real passion is helping adults and children with their health goals.  Whether that is reaching a healthy weight, optimising performance or managing health concerns, Michelle is here for you.


Michelle holds a degree in Human Nutrition and also has attained a Doctorate degree.

For her Doctorate, Michelle examined the role of a protein (glycated insulin) in healthy and diabetic individuals and women with gestational diabetes.

Additionally, Michelle is a qualified breastfeeding counsellor  (Breastfeeding Education (counselling )(Cert IV)) who strongly supports the work of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.



Michelle is  a facilitator for the Go4fun program.  Go4fun is a free lifestyle program for children who are above a healthy weight.

Michelle is proud to  work alongside Anytime Fitness, Engadine and Lisa Simpson Fitness.


Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice is not a medical doctor, therefore cannot diagnose or treat disease with medication.  Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice is a nutritionist who can help you make informed choices about your health and well being from a nutritional perspective, based on your personal or religious preferences.