Prenatal, Pregnancy and Post-Birth Services

Trying to conceive, growing that tiny little person, and then giving birth is a magical process.

Although pregnancy is natural, it is also quite strenuous on the body. Good nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, not only assists your baby to grow, but is crucial for your well being and ultimately, recovery after the birth.

As a mother and nutritionist, I understand how difficult it can be to try and eat well in the face of morning sickness and a hectic schedule!

During tailored nutritional consultations I will guide you through the steps to eating well during throughout your pregnancy.  Where specific nutritional problems arise for example, gestational diabetes or diagnosed anaemia, I can assist with nutritional strategies to alleviate symptoms or correct deficiencies.  I offer a range of care packages though out pregnancy as outlined below.  However, I know how un-predictable pregnancy can be therefore most packages can be adapted or combined to meet your individual needs.  I am also happy to work along side your other care providers, for example GP, Midwives and Obstetrician.


Nutrition throughout pregnancy package 

This package includes three, one hour consultations.  These can be taken at the following times during pregnancy, however there is a degree of flexibility.


Pre-conception/ first trimester

During the conception appointment, how female and male nutrition can affect fertility will be discussed.  Couple specific strategies will be devised during the consultation.


Second Trimester

In this second trimester we will talk about healthy eating and optimal weight gain during pregnancy.  If any complications have arisen, for example gestational diabetes, we can discuss a management strategy during this consultation.


Post – birth

The post birth consultation focuses on eating for breast feeding, healthy weight loss, and optimisation of nutrition for wound healing (such as after a caesarean section). This consultation may be taken after the birth


Gestational Diabetes Management

During an initial session  (which is 40 min- 1 hr long),  we will discuss the disease and treatment options, including diet and exercise as a primary treatment.


Key focus areas will include;

  • Management of blood glucose using low glycaemic index food
  • Portion size, serve size and the myth of eating for two
  • Fats, which are beneficial and which are not
  • How you should eat if you have been prescribed insulin
  • The importance of the 6-8 week post partum diabetes screening.

As individuals will have differing needs, follow up appointments can be made if required.

Please note, Gestational diabetes can only be diagnosed by your GP, Endocrinologist or Obstetrician.

This diagnosis should be made prior to your consultation.


Exclusion diets for  breastfeeding issues/baby reflux

Food intolerance has been attributed to reflux in babies who are solely breast fed. It is believed that components of the maternal diet may cross into the breast milk and cause issues in the sensitive infant. While reflux medications alleviate the symptoms of infant reflux, they do not address the causing agent.


The only way to definitively assess if a certain food causes undesirable affects is to undergo an exclusion diet. Exclusion diets are cumbersome, and very trying during the post partum period with a grumpy baby.  I can offer you the support you need on an on going basis should an exclusion diet be deemed necessary.


As individuals will have differing needs, an initial consultation should be made so a suitable care plan can be made