Sport Nutrition

Need to make weight or adjust your food intake for maximum results?  I can help.

I have worked with runners, footballers, amateur and semi professional boxers, helping them to set the goals they need to  be the top of their game.

I will always work with the athlete’s food preferences and tailor a program for the individual.  There are no “out of a book or fad diets here” – Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice, Registered Nutritionist

All athletes will receive:-

  • Goal setting -Specific goals that are achievable and progressive.
  • Support – By Email or phone and is non-judgmental.
  • Evidence-based guidelines on what’s required for performance in sports, boxing or running.
  • Simple instructions on what to eat when.
  • Empowerment to improve their health and well being and ultimately take control of their own health
Sam Ah See Boxer Review of Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice
Sam Ah See Boxer Review of Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice

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