Weight loss program

Making gradual, sustainable changes to your eating and exercise habits is the best way to achieve good health and lose weight. Many people find this difficult – This is why we have developed our 12 week weight loss programs.

The programs provide the structure and support to make short term losses AND the education and knowledge so you can continue to maintain weight loss.

“I have struggled with diets before- will this work?”

Like every program there is a degree of commitment from you.  Some people find this challenging initially, this is why we include daily email support in all our packages – you can ask our nutritionists questions about your weight loss or for motivation knowing that we get back to you in at least 24 hours.  Importantly, we will provide ongoing support for 3 months from the start of your program – so once the program is formally over, we are still there for you on your health journey.

Weight Loss Diamond

Weight Loss Platinum

Weight Loss Gold

Initial face-to-face consultation

✓ – At your home*

✓ – At your home*

✓ – At your home*

Review consultations

11 weekly Face-to-face consultations

At your home*

5 fortnightly face-to-face consultations

At your home*

11 weekly phone consultations

Monitoring of Anthropometrics

  • weight measurements
  • waist measurements

Education on healthy eating and meal planning skills for weight loss

Plus – optional weight loss program for local participants

Fact sheets specific to your needs

Email support for 3 months

12-week Food and Activity Diary 

 Your investment 

$1250 $1000

$810 $700

$1030 $900

* The Weight Loss  program can be paid by three monthly installment  from your credit card, or pay in full upfront and receive a free portion control plate and bowl set (valued at $40) to help you in managing your meal sizes.

* Home visits are available in Sutherland Shire. An additional charge will occur for consultations outside this area.

Our weight loss programs run regularly.  To secure your place on the next program contact us through the form below